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At Finarina Development, Christina transforms your digital aspirations into reality. With almost two decades of web development experience, she specializes in crafting bespoke websites and mobile apps. From immersive e-commerce platforms to dynamic web applications, Christina brings your vision to life. Her expertise spans various technologies, including WordPress and Symfony, front and backend development. Exceling in full website buildouts and crafting custom plugins, Christina ensures a tailored and impactful online presence.

No code is subcontracted. You will receive high quality, detailed, thoroughly debugged and clean code created from someone you can speak with on the phone, through online video chats, as well as email or text. Christina provides a dedicated web developer experience without the worry of your code being outsourced to a less experienced team.

19 years
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Christina's journey spans an impressive 19 years in the realm of web development. It all began when she designed a website for her local church's youth group, channeling her skills into crafting a platform that highlighted upcoming events and fostered community engagement. Since then, she's played a pivotal role in a multitude of website projects, spanning diverse sectors such as legal, healthcare, services, nonprofits, and the dynamic world of e-commerce.

Her favorite tools of the trade are JavaScript and PHP, languages that power her knack for creating dynamic digital landscapes. Yet, it's not just about the code – Christina is a true fusion of creativity and technical prowess. Behind the scenes, she crafts elegant backend solutions for the most intricate challenges, while her artistic sensibilities shine through in crafting captivating frontend experiences. Christina isn't merely navigating the digital realm; she's molding it with a blend of technical acumen and creative flair that speaks volumes about her commitment to her craft.

Storefronts project image
We create captivating online stores that showcase and sell your unique creations, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers.
Communities project image
Craft a welcoming and informative online platform for your nonprofit community, offering easy access to events, media, and community engagement.
Services project image
Enhance your industry service's online visibility with a professionally designed website, showcasing your expertise and offering easy communication for potential clients.
Leaders project image
Present your company's strengths with a well-structured website, featuring your services, projects, and contact information to attract potential clients effectively.

Ready to transform your digital dreams into reality? Whether you're launching a new project or seeking to enhance an existing one, Christina is here to guide you.

Submit a contact form today to hire a web developer driven by over a decade of expertise. For those seeking ongoing support and partnership, book a free consultation with Christina to explore the benefits of a retainer basis. Your vision deserves the dedicated attention and ingenuity that Christina brings to every project. Let's bring your ideas into reality together.