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Officially Certified in the State of Connecticut as DBE, MBE, WBE Small Business

I am delighted to share that I have become certified in the Supplier Diversity Program through the state of Connecticut. As an Iberian Peninsula Disabled Woman Owned Small/Minority Business Enterprise (DBE, WBE, S/MBE), this official designation highlights my commitment to excellence and inclusivity.

You can view my certification on the state of Connecticut's official website.

Being certified lets you know that you are providing inclusion to a diverse small business with confidence

Certified DBE, WBE, S/MBE owner and web developer Christina M. Gleason

This designation holds immense significance for me on multiple fronts. Despite facing the challenges of chronic illness and disability, I am dedicated to maintaining a high standard of work, while prioritizing my mental and physical well-being. As a dual citizen of Portugal and a first-generation American, I draw inspiration from my immigrant roots. My family's values of meticulousness, diligence, and pride in one's work continue to drive me.

Upon earning my bachelor's degree in computer science, I stood as the sole woman in my graduating class. Despite discouragement from my advisor, I remained resolute in pursuing my passion for programming and software development. Today, web development is my domain of enthusiasm, allowing me to shatter preconceived notions about my capabilities in this industry.

Above all, my Connecticut residency coupled with these significant designations empowers me to run my business sustainably. I believe that this accomplishment serves as a beacon of possibility for others who may be navigating similar journeys, encouraging them to forge their own paths in the face of doubt.

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