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WordPress Customization

Expert WordPress Customization by Christina

WordPress is one of the most popular applications to create a website in the industry. With over a decade of experience, Christina has worked with WordPress before and after Gutenberg, turning your ideas into real, functioning web magic. From cool buttons to whole website makeovers, Christina knows how to create the most complex but robust and speedy, to the simple, efficient, and effective website you need today. You don't need to learn how to use some website building software or understand how to handle the nuisances of SEO and ranking on Google - Finarina Development has it handled.

Making Websites That Most Importantly - Work!

Plugins are like digital tools that can make your website integrate with third party services or extend the existing functionality of your website. Christina can craft plugins to help your website shine brighter. These plugins might make pictures pop, create special forms, or even bring in fun chat bubbles. Want to use an existing plugin? She can help get that setup and configured for you as well.

Finarina Block, a custom Gutenbeg block template that can scaffold your WordPress website

Your Special Look: Themes That Represent Your Business

Themes are like the clothes your website wears. Christina can design special outfits, or themes, for your website that match your branding and what customers should feel when they visit you online. Maybe you want it to look super sleek, modern, and trustworthy, or with a cozy, warm, artistic flair – she can make it happen. These themes aren't just pretty; they also make sure your website works well, are accessible to all users, and is easy to use with the latest best practices and techniques.

Making Online Shops and Smooth Payments

If you're selling things online, Christina can help set up your shop. She's a pro at using a tool called WooCommerce, which helps make online shopping smooth and easy for websites using WordPress. She can make sure your payment buttons work with third party processors like Stripe or PayPal, your products look great, and that your customers have a seamless checkout experience.

Christina is like a web bridge builder. She can connect your website with other cool services, making things even better. If you use tools for capturing leads or handling data through services like LeadDocket, CallRail, or Google Analytics, she can weave them into your website seamlessly. It's like having all your favorite tools in one handy toolbox.

Connect with Christina via our contact page to start making your website a reality. With Christina's web wisdom, your online world is about to get a whole lot brighter.